Talk for Writing Feedback

Talk for Writing Head’s Taster Day- 9th November 2016

‘Favourites’ feedback from Heads and Leaders after visiting classes:

  • Oral retelling of the story maps.
  • Clear progression- consistency level of language development.
  • Foundation Stage: engagement of children.
  • Enthusiasm – the teacher’s wealth of knowledge and passion transfers to the children.
  • Every class inspired me; the actions are effective in supporting the children’s language.
  • Powerful atmosphere in every class.
  • Readiness to write.
  • Incredible teachers, clear and focused with high expectations.
  • All staff working together to support children.
  • Such a warm and welcoming school!
  • Supportive nature of the staff and of the structure of Talk for Writing.
  • A very special school.
  • Progression and consistency is all very inspirational
  • Environment is incredible!
  • Magic! A joy, such cohesion- it was seamless.
  • An amazing standard of handwriting.


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