Special Events and History

Remembrance Day

At Burnley Brow we believe that it is important to commemorate the lives of the local men and women who have lost their lives in armed conflict. Every Remembrance Day (11th November) our Year Six children visit the local cenotaph. They then write poetry based on poems written by soldiers from the trenches.


History Trips and Visits

Year Four’s Trip to Chester – Year Four visited Chester, where they pretended to be Roman soldiers in the legion that was stationed there. They marched around the walls with the centurion and learnt lots about Chester’s Roman past.

Year One’s visit from Florence Nightingale – This term, Year One have had a very special visitor who came to tell them all about her life. Florence took the children on a journey through time using drama. The children were shocked by the conditions at Scutari hospital and enjoyed helping Florence to clean up and care for the patients.

Year Five’s Greek Day – This term Year Five have enjoyed a visit from an Ancient Greek. During his stay, he taught the children about daily life in different Greek states and showed them lots of different artefacts. The children enjoyed learning about Ancient Greek warfare, and even staged a battle!

Britain in the Twentieth Century Themed Week

Our exciting Themed Days and Weeks are themed around SMSC development as well as other school events and priorities. In Autumn, we had a History Themed Week, looking at the history of Britain in the Twentieth Century. We felt that it was important to teach our children about recent British history so that they may understand recent developments which affect us today.

Throughout the week, each year group took part in exciting visits and learning opportunities as well as taking part in lots of other engaging history-themed activities in class. Our Foundation Stage children focussed on the different generations and the history of their families, and Reception really enjoyed their Archaeology Exploration Session. The children created their own time capsules which they will be allowed to open when they are in Year 6! Year 1 learnt about the 1980s and 1990s and had a 1980s-style disco to kick off the week. Our Year 2 children learnt about the 1960s and 1970s and made some fabulous 60s and 70s style houses complete with avocado and brown décor! Year 3 focussed on the 1950s and 1960s and filmed their own ‘Bill and Ben’ puppet shows. Year 4 learnt about World War Two, and took part in a ‘virtual’ classroom session, with a lesson on Propaganda and the Art of War being streamed live from the National Archives in London. Year 5 learnt all about World War One, and took part in a themed drama workshop in which they were visited by a World War One soldier to find out about life in the trenches. Year 6 found out about the Edwardian Era, focussing on the Titanic disaster, with a trip to the Liverpool Maritime Museum, and the Suffragette movement. A highlight of the week was their lively debate on Votes for Women! We finished off the week with a Museum Exhibition in our hall where our children were able to share their learning with their families. On the Friday, every child and staff member came to school dressed in the style of the decades and time periods each class had been learning about.

Next year, we are planning a history themed day to mark 100 years of female suffrage. This will focus on teaching the children the history of democracy in Britain and the importance of equality.

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