Teaching Curriculum

Our curriculum provision is unique and ever-changing. As the needs of our learners, the community and the wider world evolves, so too does our curriculum. Our curriculum overviews highlight the progression of how children understand themselves, their communities, their cultures and their place in the world.  First-hand experiences in our curriculum are essential:  trips out of school are vital to our children’s understanding of the world.

Our curriculum themes address the National Curriculum, with our children’s interests and heritage at the heart of the design. Our themes are engaging, stimulating and challenging for all pupils. We have created a broad and balanced opportunity for creative thinking and learning for all children.  For more information about our curriculum provision, please contact school and arrange to speak to a member of the teaching staff.


At Burnley Brow, we follow Letters and Sounds when teaching Phonics. Children begin learning Phonics in Foundation Stage and continue this into Key Stage One and beyond. Children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 are taught Phonics for twenty minutes each day. The purpose of these sessions is for children to understand the sounds that different letters or groups of letters make and to use this knowledge to help them to read and write words by segmenting and blending.

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